5th Annual Conference: Call for Papers


November 7, 2020, Home for Cooperation, Nicosia

Since our 4th Annual Conference “The Left and the Cyprus problem”, which was dedicated to the concept of Federation and its significance for the Left, we have been witnessing the continuation of the profound unwillingness of Anastasiades to re-enter in negotiations with Akıncı and of his intention to withdraw from the previous agreement about the political equality and power sharing between the two communities. In these catastrophic conditions, we decided, early this year, that the 5th Annual Conference should be focused on the need for building a Front for Peace and Solution. The closure of the checkpoints made an early Summer date for the Conference impossible and we set a new date for Autumn.

The decision of President Anastasiades to close four checkpoints created conditions of mistrust between the two communities, as well as within the G/C community. It was a cynical exploitation of the pandemic to serve the G/C nationalists, giving also the excuse to the T/C nationalists to close the rest of the checkpoints. Both actions express an effort to further undermine the wish for solution. The benefits that both our communities would have if collaboration and solidarity had been the choice during the pandemic, are more than obvious.

The pandemic is much more than a global health crisis. Huge socio-economical problems globally are already following the pandemic, which, however, are not just the result of the virus. The pandemic has clearly revealed the fundamental problems and deficiencies of the dominating socioeconomic system – its intrinsic inhuman structure. Our opposition to neoliberalism, to privatisations, to austerity, has gained strong arguments, even for people that were not sharing it before.

This should be the time of the Left all over the world. It is the duty of the Left to lead the way against the unimaginable devastating social, economic and political crises that are coming.

In Cyprus, the Left has an additional and crucial role and duty. To stand firmly against the anti-solution policies both in the South and in the North, which are now more dangerous than ever before. The need for strengthening inter-communal cooperation of the Left has become more urgent than ever.

The 5th Conference aims, like the four previous ones, to bring  together diverse strands of the Left in Cyprus, from both communities (political parties, trade unions, other political and social organisations and movements and individuals) and investigate ways to Build a Front for Peace and Solution.

Past experience leads us to aim at limiting the number of speakers to a manageable level, so that the Conference can deal adequately with the subject and allow proper discussion on the various subjects raised in each session. The grouping below is provided on a provisional basis as a guide for the submission of abstracts and is in no way meant to be a programme of the Conference.  Its purpose is to provide the general framework for subjects within which papers will be proposed and accepted and it can also be assumed that some of the subjects in the list may not be taken up by proposals for papers.

If a large number of papers is deemed relevant, a selection will be made for papers to be presented at the Conference with the aim to provide a reasonable balance for the subjects to be discussed.  Papers that will not be presented at the Conference but are deemed to be relevant will be circulated at the Conference and included in its Proceedings.

Titles and Abstracts should be submitted by the 10th of August and limited to no more than a hundred words in Greek or Turkish or English.  Replies will be sent to the writers by the 1st of September, informing them whether their proposition has been chosen, either as an oral presentation or to be distributed in printed form. Final submissions should be limited to 1500 words, and submitted in electronic form by the 1st of October  (at the email: left.and.cyprus.problem@gmail.com).  The language of the final submissions should be Greek or Turkish.  Simultaneous translation will be provided at the Conference (Greek to Turkish and Turkish to Greek).

If the author of a submission wishes his paper to be published in the Proceedings in both languages a translated text should be provided as well.  Translation services may be provided by the Organising Committee at €20 per 250 words.

The Organising Committee
The Left and the Cyprus Problem

General guidance list of subjects eligible for inclusion in the Conference programme:

Subject Group I: The New World Environment – The World after Covid-19

  • Global economic realities
  • The World economy before and after the pandemic
  • Economic policies, Austerity and Class struggle
  • Social and Political realities
  • The impact of the pandemic on social consciousness
  • Policies of the Left, Parties of the Left, Trade Unions
  • Cooperation and Conflict within the Left
  • Extreme Right, Nationalism, Neo-Liberalism
  • Reform and Revolution
  • Mass Movements and Intellectuals

Subject Group II: The New Realities in Cyprus

  • Nationalism and the Pandemic
  • Cooperation and Division in Cyprus
  • The Failure of Cooperation and the Failure of the Left
  • Greece’s relations with the South
  • Turkey’s relations with the North
  • Other Middle East powers
  • EEZ and Hydrocarbons – are they loosing their grip on the consciousness of Cypriots?
  • Economic feasibility of hydrocarbon exploitation
  • Environmental aspect of hydrocarbon exploitation

Subject Group III: Creating a Solution Front of the Left and beyond

  • The Intercommunal Talks and Bicommunal Bizonal Federation
  • Differences within the Left
  • The dilemmas of a Disy-Akel
  • Pro-solution capitalists/intellectuals
  • The coming parliamentary elections
  • Turkey and Turkish Cypriot Politics
  • Turkish Cypriot Identity and Nationalism
  • Presidential Elections in the North
  • Civil Society cooperation
  • NGOs and Rapprochement
  • Academics and other Intellectuals
  • Women’s Organisations, Professionals and Trade Unions
  • International Organisations

Subject Group IV: The Enemies of a Solution

  • The Church, Political Islam, Greek Nationalism, Turkish Nationalism and Racism
  • Nationalist Education, Nationalist Institutions
  • Geopolitics of the Middle East


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